Our Holdings & Brands

HSM has a broad portfolio that spans across the United States and into Canada. Our portfolio strategy includes growing existing brands and discovering new high-potential acquisitions that align with company values and offer a long-term outlook for success. We are deeply involved in every single aspect of our business segments and brands and are committed to growing them on a global scale.

Atlanta Attachment Company
HSM Diversified Solutions
Hickory Springs Mfg. Co.
HSM Transportation & Specialty Manufacturing Company
Priceless Aviation Products
Home Furnishings
C.E. White
Summit Seating Inc.
HS Wire Technology
Transitional Sleep System
Perceptive Sleep
Hickory RV Step
HSM RV Products
Atlanta Parts Depot
Triad Fabco Industries
Atlanta Precision Machining & Fabrication
HSM Metal Solutions
HSM Metal Works