Our Company History

1944 | Parks Underdown founds Hickory Springs in the Hickory community of Brookford. The company produces coiled seating springs, edge wire and Marshall coil springs for the bedding and furniture industry.

1957 | Hickory Springs begins producing sinuous wire, followed by latex and polyurethane foam.

1960 | Hickory Springs starts pouring polyurethane foam. In the 10 years that follow, the company expands its polyurethane foam footprint with pouring and fabrication facilities.

1970 | Hickory Springs sets up an innerspring mattress plant, in mountainous Micaville, NC, separate from its furniture spring plants. 

1974 | Hickory Springs moves into metal tubing and stamping operations with the introduction of convertible sleep mechanisms for the home furnishings industry.

1978 | Hickory Springs begins wire-drawing operations, supplying products to its spring operations and enhancing the company’s vertical integration in the process.

1982 | Hickory Springs purchases the Spiller Spring Company and expands its footprint in the bedding industry.

1983 | Hickory Springs takes another step toward vertical integration by entering into a joint venture to run a plastics extrusion facility, Plastics Technology, Inc., that supports the packaging industry.

1986 | Hickory Springs expands further into stamping operations with the introduction of an incliner mechanism for the furniture industry.

1988 | Hickory Springs adds to its innerspring production capacity with the purchase of the Holland Wire Company.

1996 | Hickory Springs begins a multi-year run of successful innovation, including the design of a folding metal step for recreational vehicles.

2005 | Hickory Springs introduces Preserve®, the world’s first bio-based foam. Its recipe utilizes up to 20 percent of a non-traditional, renewable, bio-based raw material derived from soybean oil.

2007 | Hickory Springs acquires Triad-Fabco, a manufacturer of molded rebond foam cushioning material for the furniture, school bus, and golf cart industries.

2008 | Hickory Springs acquires JSI Corporation, a supplier of OEM and aftermarket products to the RV industry.

2012 | Hickory Springs acquires The C.E. White Co., a manufacturer of quality seating products for the commercial/transit and school bus markets. This acquisition enables Hickory Springs to provide transportation customers with a complete seating solution.

2013 | Hickory Springs announces a new name and brand – HSM – intended to assist the company's efforts to grow its Transportation Solutions and Diversified Solutions business units.

2014 | HSM celebrates its 70th anniversary with the opening of a new Corporate Foam Technology facility and introduces Transitional™ Sleep System adjustable beds, an example of the company’s commitment to innovation and delivering integrated solutions to the marketplace.

2016 | HSM sells five foam-pouring locations in NC, GA, CA and AR to Arsenal Capital Partners. The equity company uses the former HSM facilities as the foundation for the larger foam/bedding producer Elite Comfort Solutions. 

HSM purchases Atlanta Attachment and its subsidiaries.

2017 | HSM launched a new organizational model that established six new operating divisions: Hickory Springs,  HSM Transportation & Specialty Manufacturing SolutionsHSM Diversified Solutions, Atlanta Attachment, HS Metalworks and HSM Logistics.

2018 | HSM unveils the new zoning microcoil technology "Springs Anywhere" by Spinks for Posturfil at ISPA. 

2019 | HSM (est. 1944) and Atlanta Attachment (est. 1969) celebrate their diamond and golden jubilees for 75 and 50 years in manufacturing.